New to SeedTable ? - Read our Introduction
Update 09/2013: Seedtable is no longer actively maintained; activity after this date may be missing from Seedtable.

"[SeedTable] really is very good ... I can see myself using it almost as much as CrunchBase." -TechCrunch

SeedTable is a discovery platform built on-top of the data in Crunchbase. It lets you analyze and discover start-ups using a variety of criteria.

Some examples of how people are using it:

  • Startups finding Investors

    Startups use it to find out who invests in companies like themselves

  • VCs finding Startups

    VCs use it to see who's raised angel money recently and might be looking for an investment

  • People finding Jobs

    Developers and others use it to see who's recently raised VC funding and will be hiring soon

  • Journalists finding the hot next thing!

    Tech Journalists use it to see who's hot in the cities they're visiting

If you're using it in another way and would like to share it with us, drop us an email!

How can I view my city ?

The search box in the top right hand corner will let you search for any city.

Why doesn't my startup show up ?

If you're in Crunchbase you should appear in SeedTable, if you don't appear under a particular city the most likely reason is that you don't have an office location specified in Crunchbase. If you think you should be appearing on a page but you're not then drop us an email and we'll have a look.

How do I add my startup to SeedTable ?

Use this form to add yourself to Crunchbase. Once Crunchbase accepts your entry you should appear on SeedTable within a couple of days.

Why don't you include AngelList startups as well ?

It's on the todo list